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Every life has one of those defining moments–standing at the crossroads, wondering which way to turn. But if you’re at Camden and Brighton, just step onto the corner patio for pizza and a cold one, under the shade of the rustling banana trees. Villa Blanca is now taking reservations for its Tuesday debut. URBAN DADDYview article

Villa Blanca is amazing, everytime my wife and I visit we are always given the best service and amazing food. Ken and Lisa Todd, the owners are amazing, always there and always walking and talking with customers. This is my idea of what a business is all about. Keep up the great work.

This is a great restaurant during the day on Saturdays and Sundays when they offer a very reasonable “brunch” menu. There are many dishes available for $10.00 and Sangrias and Mimosas for $5.00.A wonderful place to people watch.

Interesting decor and good food at reasonable prices.

Romantic setting with a great Happy Hour menu, both in food and drinks. Makes for a lovely evening. The service is a plus. Very accommodating and fast.

Great, healthy food and the best-looking staff in LA!

I have been to this restaurant several times before and have always enjoyed the food, service and ambiance. Enjoy the experience.

love this place! it’s a reasonably affordable gem in the middle of ritzy beverly hills. i found out about this place through groupon, and am so glad i did. we went for brunch, and i was impressed by the ambiance/decor, the drinks, the food, and (surprisingly) the prices.

the interior is gorgeous… all white and very european. waiters were friendly and attentive (and yes, metrosexual, but this is beverly hills). didn’t feel stuck-up at all.

we splurged a little bit because we had the groupon discount, but they had a great brunch menu where at regular price, drinks (sangrias and mimosas) were only $5 and multiple entrees/salads were only $10! if those specials are anything like the rest of their food, this is my go-to brunch place from now on. we had the lobster crisps (delish… licked up every bite), calamari (spicy… a nice twist and not too chewy), kobe burger (moist, juicy, perfect), and tiger prawn pasta (a little oily but really tasty throughout with huge prawns). top it off with 2 drinks each, and you have an amazing brunch for $40 (worth $80, with groupon). i can’t wait to go back!

This place is so pure and classy with the all white European decor illuminated by candlelight. It’s smaller than it looks, but also has ample outdoor seating.

We started off with a bottle of La Braccesca Vino Nobile ($60). It was a Tuscany red wine. I’m not a wine-o or anything, so had no idea what I was drinking, but the waitress recommended that bottle and it had a mildy sweet fruity undertone and went well with our seafood dishes. We toasted to my new job and began our celebratory feast!

I had the special of the day: Chilean Sea Bass with truffle oil mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus ($36). Amazing!!! I have never tasted anything so buttery, flavorful and flakey. The fish melts in your mouth and had a nice crispy top, which I loved. The truffle oil mashed potatoes were so buttery and savory. Delicious! And I love asparagus so I devoured my greens! Highly recommend this dish! 5/5

He ordered the Seafood Paella ($27). It was a risotto dish with seafood stock that tasted very flavorful and aromatic with the herbs. They were very generous with the seafood; heapfuls of calamari, clams, mussels, swirly whirly shrimps, and a huge crawfish on top. The shrimps were huge and seemed to have been tied in a knot because they were all tangled and curly. The dish was yum, but couldn’t win the spotlight in comparison to my Chilean Sea Bass. 3.5/5

Sides were $6 and we got an extra plate of the grilled asparagus. Yum! Up next was dessert and we opted for the Molten Choco Cake ($10). It came out very hot and moist with chocolate lava on top and a scoop of toffee icecream. I prefer the lava in the middle and oozing out when you slice into it. Also, the chocolate cake flavor was ok. I’ve had better, but it was still good. The waitress recommended the English toffee pudding, but we decided against it. Looking back, perhaps we should’ve listened to her. Sorry, but molten choco cake gets 2/5.

They automatically included gratuity in our bill. So total with tax and tip came out to ~$180. Great spot to take a date on a special occasion unless you have money like that to splurge everyday. Casual elegance with amazing food and attentive staff. And it’s right by Rodeo Dr so you can splurge more and go shopping as you walk off your full content bellies!

Villa Blanca is a beautiful restaurant on the corner of Brighton and Camden in Beverly Hills. Overfilled with dramatic florals, metallic pillows and white columns the food prices are surprisingly reasonable for such a glamorous and high-profile spot. The owners Lisa and Ken Vanderpump are featured on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and are gracious and kind hosts.

Please be sure to stop by on your next visit to Beverly Hills.

9601 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 859-7600

Comfortable lovely setting. Friendly service and mouth-watering food. I will definitely return.

Yesterday, I had lunch at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. The restaurant is famous as far as I can tell because it is owned by Lisa Vanderpump of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She was eating her lunch there with her husband and their sickeningly cute dog. Also having lunch was Tyler Perry.

Dear Ken.

Just a note to say Demessa and I had a fabulous time last night at your restaurant. It was a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful wife and daughter. Damessa and I was at Villa Blanca sometime ago and Steve waited on us he was very charming then and still is. Great atmosphere , great food and wonderful staff. We hope to bring our friends and family soon.
Wishing you and your family good health for the New Year.

Valerie King

We would like to thank you for the wonderful evening we had at Villa Blanca last night. We were hosting a small dinner in honor of our daughter Liesl’s engagement to Justin Fitch. Everything went perfectly and the evening always will remain in our memories. Your staffs’ unobtrusive attention to our needs was above and beyond, and the food was perfect.

You may be interested in seeing Liesl’s comments, photos, and recommendation of Villa Blanca at her Fashion Blog:

Many, Many thanks again,


Kay and John

I was totally impressed!
Food fabulous from start to finish.

I am a Chef, and I do not give compliments lightly, but our experience was awesome.

Great Place!

Thanks for the pics Lisa.
Art Douville

Our waiter was amazing and very service oriented. The food was delivered promptly and proper attention was given to our table for service.

Couldn’t be more perfect to suit all taste buds! Honestly.
It is obvious the owners are attentive to their client’s tastes in every direction. Bravo!!

Our waiter was amazing and very service oriented. The food was delivered promptly and proper attention was given to our table for service.

i was there on january 9 2011. Had my birthday celebration at Villa Blanca had the best service our waitress was amazing. looking forward to my next visit. thanks.

I work above the restaurant. I will return always

Delicious!! The crab roll appetizer was amazing!

Excellent venue with tremendous ambiance, fashionable clientele, friendly and beautiful staff. Food well exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, taste and value. Given the location and ambiance I would not have been surprised to pay 2x as much. The experience was wonderful and we will be back soon.

Love this place, the food & the decor!

Your eatery is amazing. You know this already. I love what you have created and look forward to visiting soon

great food and place. we will be back.

I discovered who Lisa was by watching The Real Housewives. I live in SC and looked up the restaurant because from what I saw on the show it is GORGEOUS!!!! I just wanted to say that I love the style and hope to some day make it to Beverly Hills for a vacation and try out the restaurant! I KNOW I would love it! I’ve reviewed the menu and it sounds fabulous!!!!! I think Lisa is a class act just from her actions on the show and think she and her husband have a beautiful home and restaurant! Hope to visit one day!!!!!


Lori Spooner (a new fan of Lisa’s) đŸ™‚

Dear Ken,

My very good friend and I were so pleased to be guests at your restaurant last night in Beverly Hills. The venue is beautiful, the atmosphere is both calming and exciting, the wait staff was beautiful, the food was exquisite and the drinks were excellent. We were a little sad that we were not able to see you and Lisa when we arrived, but we realized that it was the second half reunion show for the RHBH and any chance of actually meeting you both were slim. We are planning to make another road trip to the L.A. area and with so many restaurants to choose from, we were delighted to find a place that we both thoroughly enjoyed and would like to visit again. (I’ve attached a photo of us.)

On behalf of my friends, we do hope that you and Lisa (our favorite) are getting through these difficult situations that you have been dealt. Both of you are beautiful, classy and have hearts of gold. It would be our honor to finally make your acquaintances.

All the best,

Michelle Tice and Kathy Lopez

My daughter and I joined a friend and her daughter at the restaurant while visiting LA. We enjoyed the entire experience and would definitely return.

The experience was wonderful and we will be back soon.

Our server Brent was fabulous. Lisa came over to the table and was delightful. The prices were very inexpensive for the value. We had an excellent meal.

Absolutely love it this place for the ambience, decor, service, variety and quality of food, location – and economical pricing.

Came saturday night with a party of 8. Started off a little rough as someone had messed up on our reservation. They immediatly accomodated us and seated us within 5 mins. They put us on the patio,which I wasn’t crazy about as it was cold. The had all the heaters on and we ended u having a fab night. Lisa and Ken walked in with the cutest pooch in town(Aside from mine). They ended up sitting in front of us, which was really a nice. Lisa turned around and spoke to us all, and was a really classy friendly lady (love her).She told us that Adrain would be in shortly, which she was, and she also was very friendly. The meal was amazing.Afew of us had fish and chips, this was to die for. I had just been there a week prior, and had the fish and chips, so I tried the filet mignon. It ended up being divine. To top it all off we shared a few sticky toffee puddings, and I have to say everyone loved it. My husband and I are both Brits and we have lived here for over 25yrs. The villas fish and chips surpasses any that we have had in a long time. This will for sure be a restaurant that is on the top of our list…

Villa Blanca has an excellent ambiance with pristine decorations that remind you of the South of France. There is a beautiful touch to the atmosphere. More importantly the food is FABULOUS!!! Meredith is the best waitress ever although the rest of the waitstaff are quite good as well. They all exude BEAUTY and HUMILITY. This is by far one of the best restaurants in Beverly Hills and with the most reasonable prices. Kudos to the owners and the restaurant manager Michael for a job well done!

Villa Blanca is amazing and has the most delicious food. Ken and Lisa are wonderful & gracious hosts and it is true what they say, the bigger you are, the nicer you are. I wish them all the success in the world & many more.Thank you for a superb lunch and for being so wonderful to us when we were there & for taking the time to talk to my niece and myself.

“Great place delicious food!!!!”

The toffie pudding cake is amazing. I orig went the 1st time ona Groupon coupon, otherwise would have never tried it. SO glad it’s part of mil + program. Food is always fantastic and lunch prices are very reasonable. Very good service too, which I didn’t really expect after reading yelp reviews.

WOW! Thats all that I can say. What an amazing way to spend my Valentines. The food was AMAZING. The resturant was so beautiful. Very nice tough by giving every female a rose. I will definately come back again and thank you so much for an amazing meal.

We have seen the restaurant before but last night we went for Dinner. All I can say is WOW! I had the Halibut in the green curry and my wife had the Chocolate Chile rub filet.
That was possibly the best meal I have ever had. I loved the way the tastes took turns as you in your mouth from the the perfectly cooked Fish to the slight spicy finish of the sauce. Just wonderful!
I know that the meals for Valentines were off menu but I am looking forward to coming back soon to explore your daily fare.

PS I also found your staff very pleasent and helpful.

Thank You.
My complements to the chef

My husband and I were in California last week and the only thing I wanted to do was go to Villa Blanca. I am so glad we did. I am a huge fan of Lisa’s, so I couldn’t wait to eat at her restaurant. First, the location is perfect. If you are dining outside, Brighton and Camden is the perfect place to do some people watching. Secondly, the restaurant itself is absolutely divine. It’s very inviting and friendly. I felt so welcome to be there. The staff was wonderful. I felt like I was a celebrity, everyone was so friendly. Thirdly, the food was great and the prices were very reasonable. The whole dining experience was unforgettable. We were fortunate enough to dine next to Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow with their family which was exciting. We also saw Ken Todd, Lisa’s husband. Such a wonderful experience at Villa Blanca. Thank you Lisa for all your hard work and thank you to your staff for making everyone feel so special. I look forward to our next visit. đŸ™‚
Thank you again,
Renee Klich
Glen Allen, Viginia

“Had an INCREDIBLE experience at Villa Blanca on 2/12 with Richardson as our server for Lunch… Even got to meet Lisa & she told us a poem about the Albuquerque Turkey with Pandora. Great vibe, excellent service, superb dining… Kudos all around!”

I had lunch at Villa Blanca on Monday February 21st with 4 of my girlfriends. The reservation was under Joanna Jagoda. What a wonderful experience we had! The food was sensational! It came out very timely and everything was cooked and prepared perfectly. Our favorites were the spicy tuna over crispy rice – better than any restaurant around including Katsuya – the rock shrimp and the lobster crisps. Overall it was a wonderful experience and I cant wait to come back.

To Whom It May Concern:

My family and I dined at your restaurant on Monday, Feb. 28 @ 11:30am. We were given our choice of seating, which we appreciated. The host was extremely nice and attentive! She had such personality! It was great! Our waiter was very friendly and made sure we got everything we wanted. Then…the food came..AMAZING!!!!! everything was so tasty and there was a generous helping of everything! We went in because of the show, but we will return because of the top notch service! Thank you for making us feel like friends of the restaurant as opposed to just patrons! I will recommend to anyone who will listen!! Thank you!!!!

~Candice Katie Jones


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